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Junior Bassmaster Tournament Flyer (you will be forwarded to the photoalbum page and both sides of the flyer can be viewed and printed)

Junior BASSMASTER Tournament Trail White River

            Name                                  Weight                    Bonus Fish pts.                       Total

1st Jacob Wheeler------------------8.85 lb.-------------------3 fish pts--------------------------203

2nd Brody McWilliams------------6.05 lb--------------------3 fish pts.-------------------------193

3rd Zach Johnson-------------------2.18 lb--------------------2 fish pts.-------------------------182

4th Spencer Worthington----------1.78 lb--------------------1 fish pt---------------------------171

5th Ryan Rhodehamel--------------1.75 lb-------------------1 fish pt----------------------------161

6th Brett Rounsaville---------------- .92 lb-------------------1 fish pt----------------------------156

Wayne Hartsburg-----------0
Tyler Pendygraft----------- 0
Jeff Barney------------------0
Cris Kaiser------------------ 0
Chandler Harris-------------0
Spencer Branum------------0
Brian Reynolds-------------0

I would like to welcome Brian Reynolds our newest member.

Junior BASSMASTER Angler of the Year & State Champion Standing

15 To 18 age group points

1st Jacob Wheeler--------------------------------548----A.O.Y. Leader

2nd Ryan Rhodehamel---------------------------534

3rd Brett Rounsaville-----------------------------359

4th Zach Johnson--------------------------------- 334

5th Wayne Hartsburg-----------------------------329

6th Tyler Pendygraft------------------------------323

7th Jeff Barney------------------------------------318

8th Cris Kaiser------------------------------------182

9th Spencer Worthington------------------------171

10th Cody Livengood----------------------------121

The Angler of the year & State Champion race is really getting close. It comes down to this last tournament, if Ryan places only two places ahead of Jacob in the top 5 he wins, but I know Jacob, he will be doing everything in his power to prevent that. Both of them better be looking out for Brett & Brody. If Jacob & Ryan blank ( which Jacob did last year on Waveland ) either one of them could win Angler Of The Year. Brody better be looking over his shoulder for Chandler because if Brody blanks at Waveland and Chandler finishes 3rd or better he can win the 11 to 14 State Championship and go the Jr. BASSMASTER CLASSIC. No doubt it will be exciting. I will see everyone at Waveland Res. the 23rd, remember we will be having a cookout after the awards and crowning of our two state champions and A.O.Y. which will be done by our I.B.F.N. President, Ron Moses

11 To 15 age group

1st Brody McWilliams--------------------------350

2nd Chandler Harris------------------------------173

3rd Spencer Branum-----------------------------131

4th Nate Sanders---------------------------------126

Our two winners from the White River tournament.

Left; is Jacob Wheeler, 1st place for the tournament and in the 15 to 18 age group with a 3 fish limit weighting 8.85 lbs, and had Big Bass of 4.72 lbs. ( Great Job )
Right; is Brody McWilliams, He came in 2nd place in the tournament over all but 1st place in the 11 to 14 age group with a 3 fish limit weighting 6.05 lbs with a kicker Smallmouth 3.40 lbs ( Super )

Arnold Worthington, Youth Director