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"I spent $80 in tournament fees last year, and now Im competing for a half-million dollars. I don't know why everybody isn't in the B.A.S.S Nation"  Matt McCoy Bassmasrters Classic Qualifier and a member of the IBFN

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DECATUR, Ala - Indiana's Mark Dove for won the 2012 Federation Nation Championship. Mark weighed in a three day total of 39.00 pounds even and won a new Skeeter ZX200 He also advances to the 2013 Bassmasters Classic on Grand Lake Feb. 22, 2013, in Tulsa, Okla.

Mark qualified in the IBFN's fall tournament held at Patoka in 2011, he finished second overall in the Northern Divisional and first for Indiana to advance to the Fed Nation Championship.This will be Mark's second time to fish the Classic, he also qualified in 1997. This will be Indiana's fourth classic qualifier in the past six years, Terry McWilliams "07, Dave Watson '11, Matt McCoy '12 and now Dove '13
Dove Wins B.A.S.S Federation Nation Championship
Oct 29, 2012

Mark Dove hoisting Bryan Kerchal trophy
Arnold Worthington accepts a certificate for the state of Indiana because it was the highest-finishing B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Alliance state. The Indiana B.A.S.S. Federation Nation won a Triton 21XS boat with a Mercury 250 Pro XS motor, Lowrance electronics and MotorGuide trolling motor. Michelle Kilburn of Mercury and Adam Adkisson of Triton present the award.
Indiana B.A.S.S Nation Crowns 2014 State Champion
Syracuse, Indiana...The Indiana B.A.S.S Nation held the Top 8 State final at Wawasee June 29 - 30 with 178 fishermen representing twenty five clubs. Vying for a chance to make the IBN state team for 2014. Kenny French of St Leon, Indiana won the two day event after weighing in a two day total of 21.54 pounds. Greg Silberg of Auburn, Indiana (20.64) the day one leader finished second followed by Brian Whitaker(18.94) of Warsaw, indiana. This state team will represent their home state when Indiana will host the B.A.S.S Northern Divisional in 2014.
2014 Indiana state team in no particular order; Kenny French, Greg Silberg, Brian Whitaker, Ron Moses, Ed Rounsaville, Rod Keel, Stacy Moore, Jesse Schultz, Mark Lester, Andy Jenkins, Steve Roth, Aaron Hochstetler, Chris Lemon, Kenneth Reed

Stump Jumpers Bass Club Repeat as Top 8 Club
Syracuse In. The Stump Jumpers repeated as the top club for the second year in a row. The eight member team weighed in a combined weight of 78.55 pounds edging out second place team Indiana Adult/Junior club by two pounds. The Shallow Minded Anglers finished third with 74.72 pounds. The Stump Jumpers also placed two members on the 2014 Indiana State team Rod Keel and Kenneth Reed.

The Stump Jumpers Bass Club - Nathan Gray, Brad Stogsdill, Rod Keel, Kenneth Reed, Tom Forrrester, Scott Bowling, Merlin Hammer, Dave Sanders

Day One Big Bass winner - Stacy Moore 5.94 pounds
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Indiana B.A.S.S Nation
Team Indiana's Nathan Gray advances to the B.A.S.S Nation Championship
Chamberlin, South Dakota - Indiana advanced one angler to the B.A.S.S Nation Championship. Nathan Gray was the top angler from Indiana barely edging out teammate Ron Eicher by one ounce that will go on to compete on Lake Dardanelle, in Russellville, Arkansas in October. Gray and Team Indiana competed  in the B.A.S.S Northern Divisional on Lake Francis Case in Chamberlin, South Dakota.  As a team, Indiana finished seventh overall out of the eight states competing. Nathan will now join fellow Indiana angler and defending B.A.S.S Nation champion and two time Classic qualifer Mark Dove at the championship.
I.B.N State Meeting held December 14th
The Indiana B.A.S.S Nation announced the 2014 Top 8 state final at the annual state meeting. The state final will be  held June 14 - 15 2014 at Tanners Creek in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The deadline for entries were also set. State dues need to be received by April 30th and Top 8 entries by May 15th. As a reminder National dues need to be paid by December 31st 2013. New clubs wishing to join the IBN can join at any time, the national deadline does not pertain to new clubs.

Also announced was the possibility of a 100% payback. The payback would come from an additional ten dollars per member and work like a side pot. Anglers currently pay $10 to enter the big bass pot, but would now pay $20 and would work the same way but only pay back $500 per day for big bass $500 to the state champion and $2500 to the overall Top 8 club. Currently the big bass pot is $1000 per day. The additional $10 per angler would not be mandatory but the entire club would have to enter instead of one or two members per club. So for an additional $160 per club or $20 dollars per angler, they would now have a shot at winning $2500 for their team. The figures stated are based on the number of clubs we had compete in 2013 as the number of clubs go up or decline so would the payback. This is in addition to the current State dues and top 8 entry.

2013 Figures
25 clubs x $80 = 2000
$1000 per day pay back for Big Bass

2014 Figures based on 2013
25 Clubs X 160 = 4000
$500 - Big Bass per day
$500 - State Champion
$2500 - Top 8 Club
IBN Announces Top 8 State Final
Indiana's Mark Dove Qualifies for his third Bassmasters Classic
For the second year in a row and the third time in his fishing career. Mark Dove from Columbus Indiana has qualified for the Bassmasters Classic. Dove won the Northern Division championship on Lake Dardanelle in  Russellville, AR, Oct 24 - 26, 2013 Dove was also the defending B.A.S.S Nation Champion having won that event in 2012. Mark will now compete in the 2014 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Guntersville in Birmingham, AL, Feb 21 - 23, 2014

Dove has qualified in 1997, 2012, 2013 he is also the fifth angler from Indiana to qualify and the fourth in the last seven years to represent Indiana and the Northern Division. The other anglers are as follows and the year they qualified.

Kenny French - 1996
Mark Dove - 1997
Terry McWilliams - 2007
Dave Watson - 2010
Matt McCoy - 2011
Mark Dove - 2012
Mark Dove - 2013

Archive - Past articles and pictures
March 20, 2014

Indianapolis, The Indiana B.A.S.S Nation announced the formation of a new Team Tournament trail that will begin in 2014. The IBNTT will consist of four tournaments starting in  May at Geist resevoir. This will be a great opportunity for Indiana anglers as it gives them another shot at qualifing for the Bassmasters Classic. Chip Swindell the tournament Director said that one team will qualify for the National championship.

The championship will be held in late fall of 2014 at a date and location to be announced later. Teams from across the country will compete for the Team Championship crown. Following the team portion of the event, the Top 3 pairs of fishermen will be split up and will compete individually, from separate boats, for a berth in the Classic, The format is similar to the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series championship, which has qualified a collegiate angler to the Classic for the past three years.

Watch for more information in the coming months or contact Chip Swindell @

IBNTT - Flyer Page 1

Indiana B.A.S.S Nation Announces New Team Tournament Trail
The Indiana Bass Nation Team Tournament Trail kicked off the Memorial Day Weekend at Geist Reservoir with their first Team Trail event of the season.    All but one team brought in a limit and the average size bass weighed in was 2.33 lbs.  First place went to Evertt Ailes and Brad Ray with 16.62 lbs.  John Pridemore and Greg Sullivan finished second with 13.40 lbs., anchored by Big Bass of the day which weighed in at 4.64 pounds. And third place went to Matt McCoy and Dennis Davis with 12.54 lbs.  Ailes and Ray said they won the tournament by casting tubes to shallow water and working them back to the boat.

The next stop for the series will be June 28th at Brookville Reservoir. This was the first of a four tournament series aimed at sending at least one team to the Bassmaster Team Championship at Lake Degray in Arkansas in December
Indiana B.A.S.S Nation Team Tournament Trail Holds first Tournament at Geist
May 24, 2014
Evertt Ailes and Brad Ray
IBN Top 8 State finals Held at Tanners Creek....
The IBN Top 8 State Final was held June 14 -15 at Tanners Creek in Lawrenceburg Indiana. Dave Watson was the overall individual winner and The Indy Mud Slingers were the Top 8 club champions. Watson a former B.A.S.S Masters Classic qualifier in 2011 brought in a two day total of 14.32 pounds. Dave Hedge with the Indy Mudslingers was second with 12.97 pounds and Shon Nelson of the River Cities Bass Club was third with 12.28 pounds.The newly crowned team will now travel to Minnesota in 2015 to compete in the B.A.S.S Northern DIvisional. Indiana is the host state for the Northern Divisional in 2014 at Lake Monroe. The Northern DIvisional will be held at  Fourwinds Resort with Launch and weigh in August 13 - 15
Dave Watson -  2015 State Champ
2015 State team that will compete in Minnesota... in no particular order Dave Watson, Dave Hedge, Shon Nelson, Wes Thomas, Marvin Parton, Dave Schneider Jr, Chris Wilkinson, Brian Hensley, Eric Hardesty, Zach Grounds, Chad Starrett, Tim Maupin
Indy Mud Slinger 2015 Top 8 Club Champions
The Indy Mud Slingers - Dave Hedge, Aaron Ault, Steve Quiggins, Mike Bracken, Dave Schneider Sr.,  Dave Schneider Jr, Robert Henslee and Stewart Schuler. The Mud Slingers brought in a two day total of 49.22 pounds. The Artesian  Anglers were second with 39.47 pounds. Both teams placed members on the state team Hedge, Schneider jr, Eric Hardesty and Chris Wilkinson.
Denning missed out on the early morning light because he had to take a 1 1/2-hour ride each day through the idle zone up lake. Maybe the fish were there at daybreak but of course I couldn't be said Denning, who caught four keepers the first day.

After talking to Day 1 leader Stacy Moore, who also fished on the upper lake the first day, Denning decided to take the slow ride again on Day 2 and fish submerged stumps. Luckily enough on Day 2 I got one good bite (a 4-pound 4-ounce bass) and kind of figured where I thought they had gone.”

He decided to return to his primary area again Friday, even though he only caught the one keeper the second day there. “I caught a couple of short fish right out of the gate and I thought they were biting a little better,” Denning said. “Then I also stuck a good one in about my first 15 minutes of fishing, but then I fished and fished and my partner caught two. So I just went fishing then and I got lucky enough to stick another one.” Denning then got lucky enough to stick two more keepers and clinch his first divisional title.

Winning the divisional and finishing as the top angler on his state team also earned Denning a berth in the Old Milwaukee B.A.S.S. Nation Championship (BNC) to be held on the Ouachita River in Louisiana Nov. 6-8. Other state winners qualifying for the BNC are Ian MacDonald of Illinois; JJ Patton, Iowa; Jesse Weener, Michigan; Rich Lindgren, Minnesota; Danny Ryan, Ohio; Troy Diede, South Dakota; and Randy Burch, Wisconsin.

Minnesota won the team championship for the second straight year with 104-14 while the host Indiana squad finished second with 94 pounds.

By John Neporadny Jr.
Aug 15, 2014

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.—The fishing was extremely tough during the Old Milwaukee B.A.S.S. Nation Northern Divisional at Monroe Lake so Kurt Denning took the slow route to victory.

There was only one bait for me and I was fishing it brutally slow,” said Denning, a 38-year-old high school teacher from St. Meinrad, Ind. “I fished a Yamamoto Senko (green pumpkin or green pumpkin/watermelon) between 4 and 16 feet of water and let it fall straight to the bottom. If they didn’t hit it I would pick it up and throw it again. I did a little shaking with it on the bottom but not moving it a good distance.”

Denning Wins B.A.S.S Northern Divisional on Lake Monroe
The fishing was so tough at Monroe that no one in the entire field caught a limit during the three competition days. Denning won the event with only seven keepers weighing 17 pounds, 12 ounces.

The Shallow Minded Anglers club member targeted stump rows to catch his fish each day. “In practice the fish were up on the stumps I could visually see,” he said. “But when the sun came out and the tournament started they disappeared up there.”